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PRUNING- Proper pruning can influence risk (personal and property hazards), plant quality,growth rate, plant health, longevity and aesthetics.  (Pruning, Edward F. Gilman, PhD.)  We do proper pruning based on ANSI Standard A300 (Part 1)-2008 Pruning and we do it with an artistic and creative touch. 

- Life has been hard enough on you to have to lose a tree and suffer the expense.  NOone is better than us at removing a tree without damage and getting it done in a timely fashionand at a reasonable price.  We adhere to ANSI  Z133.1 2006 Safety Standards for Arboriculture Requirements.  We have a vast array of equipment and have been doing crane assisted tree removals longer than ANYONE in the area dating back to the early l970’s.  We have aerial trucks to assist the crane, huge wood chippers and stump grinders and the expertise andexperience to use all this equipment.

  Our first priority upon beginning a job is making the crane holding treeenvironment safe for everyone in this job site.  After securing the area and subsequently removing what is necessary we are going to save any trees that most other companies would likely remove.  We have developed systems from over 40 years of successful operation to eliminate hazards and mitigate others if a tree is able to be saved.  ANSI Safety and Pruning Standards are observed. 

We plant high quality trees, hand picked by the owner of the company for digger machinecharacteristics such as species, specimen quality (vigor and vitality) drought tolerance, insect and disease resistance, aesthetics, size restrictions, storm damage suceptability, etc..  We plant “the right tree in the right spot, the right way”.  We follow ANSI A 300 (Part 6) 2005 Transplanting and Best Management Practices (Tree Planting). We plant high quality native trees and successful, proven adaptive cultivars

We diagnose and treat soil deficiencies and anomalies.  We may fertilize, soil drench, hydraulic soil inject, aeriate, irrigate, vertical mulch, refract, drain, etc., soils in need of augmentation or correction for the improvement of trees.  ANSI A300 (Part 2) 2004 Fertilization is used along with many other texts for reference

Many insects and diseases lay in wait to compromise the Armillaria melleahealth of your trees for their benefit.  We are ready, willing and able to intervene with the appropriate response to mitigate, control or eradicate issues as soon as we are alerted by you or we notice problems on your property as a normal course of business as an established client.  The earlier the reaction by us the more likely a successful response will be facilitated.  If you notice something out of order, call us for a free visit.  Timing is EVERYTHING.

(Armillaria mellea on Oak)

We have been diagnosing and treating structural weaknesses for 40 years.  Many people called us after the 2008 hurricane to thank us for keeping their trees together while others around them fell apart.  We use ANSI A300 (Part 3) 2006 (Supplemental Support Systems)  as a reference among other texts and much successful experience in the neighborhood of 3,000 cables installed over 40 years.  
-David Shaw dissecting a piece of ash looking for
Emerald Ash Borer larvae

and mitigation or removal.  We will evaluate your trees for hazards and we can measure decay to obtain information related to thresholds to determine appropriate treatments or if decay causing organisms are so virulent as to be no hope, remove the tree.  Defects caused by storms or other factors will also be evaluated such as co dominant stems, cracks, leans, heaving root systems, etc.  Reports can be generated on a contracted amount or a per hour basis.  Decay detecting equipment such as the Resistograph or Tomograph may need to be employed.

assisted removals.  Our company owns a 95 foot crane and a 55 foot and 75 foot aerial trucks.  I do not think there is another 75 foot aerial truck in the city owned bya tree company.  We also subcontract commercial crane companies that are highly experienced in crane assisted tree removals.  arrow craneThis all makes for a safer job for the client, the personnel and surrounding property.  We are VERY good at this and there are only a few in greater Cincinnati that are.

  We have sophisticated firewood harvesting equipment .  We have a vast one cord of woodclientele that purchases our product.  One purchaser drove out of the way last week to gush over our wood in comparison to what he had bought before.  You will get more than you expected too, which is usually the opposite of what might happen.  We will treat you right as we want your return business and recommendation to others.

(one measured cord of wood)

Yearly inspections, insect treatments, disease treatments, pruning cycles, mulching and aerating, etc. are some of the specifications of yearly and periodic maintenance plans that are advantageous to your trees. 

, but not limited to them include: mulching, lot clearing, appraisal, construction tree protection, forensic witness, etc.

TRAINING - Our crews are painstakingly trained for all the work and monitored judiciously in all the work they do.  ANSI standards are observed.

EQUIPMENT - We have a massive amount of equipment that may surpass nationally franchised companies.  It has been accumulated by successful operation over 40 years and picked by a veteran for quality and usefulness.




employee sitting on lader1
branch falling on house
uprooted tree trunk
Nyssa sylvatica
(Nyssa sylvatica, the star of fall foliage)
nice house looking through

split in tree

crane truck using its stands
dumping chopped up tree
line of trucks
a tree machine